What could be as perfect as an experienced real estate paralegal on your payroll? One who is on ours and provides you with the same services! Our in-house Paralegal Department is offered to you with their total of more than 30 years experience in the field of real estate transactions.


  • Deal with your lenders
  • Communicate with your clients
  • Send title for review
  • Prepare loan packages
  • Prepare your HUDs
  • Fund your closings

Our Paralegal Department can handle your transaction from “Contract through Closing” in whole or in part, based on your needs.

CONTACT US to speak directly with a Coastal Title paralegal and to find out more about this invaluable service.

Settlement Services

The following is an estimate for searches, endorsements and settlement fees:

Searches/Endorsements $400.00
Settlement $525.00

Miscellaneous settlement charges may include the following:

Federal Express $25.00 per package
Notary Fees $25.00 per mortgage package
Copies $25.00 per closing package
Cancellation of Existing Mortgages $75.00 each
Wire Transfer Fees $25.00  
Record Mortgage $185.00 - $300.00*  

*Based on the number of pages of the document as charged by the county.

Documents such as deeds, assignments, releases, subordinations, discharges and warrants of satisfaction can be prepared at an additional nominal fee.